Terms and Conditions of Use

Thank you for choosing The Guildhall, Salisbury. Please read the following general terms and conditions carefully, if you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. By accepting confirmation of your booking you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use. You have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Use if you have not cancelled your booking within 14 days of receiving your booing confirmation.
2. You must be over 20 to book the Guildhall/Market Place/Guildhall Square Venue.
3. Your use of the Guildhall Venue will be confirmed by letter along with your invoice.
4. Once your invoice has been generated you are liable for the full cost of the agreed usage package
5. The Council reserves the right to refuse a booking request or cancel a booking without stating the reason for doing so.
6. The total fee payable is required 6 weeks prior to the start of the event.
7. Failure to settle the outstanding balance may result in the cancellation of your booking.
8. If you cancel your package, either through your failure to pay an invoice by the due date or for other reasons, you will be liable for a cancellation charge at the following rates:

Cancellation Period (Prior to Event) Percentage of Total Fee + VAT Due
Within 1 week 100%
Within 3 weeks 75%
Within 6 weeks 50%
Within 8 weeks 25%

9. The Council sets its hire fees for the forthcoming financial year on the 1st February. The financial year runs from April – March. How much you pay for the Venue hire is determined as follows:
• If you hire the Venue for the current financial year you will pay the current rate.
• If you hire the Venue for the next financial year and pay in full prior to February 1st you will pay the current rate.
• If you hire the Venue for the next financial year and pay less than the full amount or no payment at the time of your booking you will pay the fee set by the Council on February 1st for the next financial year.
• If you hire the Venue for the next financial year and the time of booking falls between February 1st and 31st March you will pay the fee set by the Council on February 1st for the next financial year.
10. If you are bringing in contractors as part of your event such as traders, stall holders, technicians or performers (this is not an exhaustive list) you should ensure that you have obtained their public liability insurance and where necessary, indemnity insurance.
11. No nail or fixing of any kind shall be driven or put into any wall, floor, partition, pillar, ceiling, fitting or furniture. No blue tack or other sticky fixing substance will be applied to any wall, partition, pillar, ceiling, fitting or furniture.
12. The hirer shall not permit, encourage or arrange for flyposting or other illegal advertising within the City of Salisbury or surrounding areas in connection with the hiring of the Venue.
13. No posters, placards, banners or notices of any description shall be posted on or against any part of the exterior or interior of the Venue.
14. Candles can only be used in/at the Venue with the permission of the Guildhall Officer/Supervisor.
15. The hirer shall not permit the use of any naked flames and should not bring any weapons, explosives, flammable materials/substances, fireworks, smoke machines or other pyrotechnics in the Venue.
16. The Council has a list of approved bar suppliers which you must select from to provide bar services at your event.
17. Hirers wishing to have a bar and or catering facility take full responsibility for the hire and payment of these services.
18. All alcohol consumed at the Venue is to be purchased from the temporary onsite bar. Members of the public and event guests are not permitted to bring alcohol into the Venue.
19. Organisers, for the purposes of the event, may be allowed to arrange for alcohol to be supplied from an external source. This is only with the permission of the Guildhall Officer. In this case your risk assessment/EMP will clearly identify the DPS for the event.
20. For some events the Council reserves the right for alcohol to be served in plastic glasses as opposed to glass. 
21. No alcohol is to be served to anyone under the age of 18 years.
22. The last beverage is to be served 45 minutes before the event hire period ends.
23. The Guildhall Officer/Supervisor/Market Officer can bring the sale of alcohol to an end at any time (without notice) and without reproach.
24. In the event of an emergency or breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use the Guildhall Officer/Supervisor/Market Officer can terminate the event without notice and without reproach.
25. The hirer and guests at the event must adhere to the instructions of Guildhall Officer/Supervisor
26. All children must be supervised at all times in all areas during the hire period.

Please contact us if you require a copy of our full terms and conditions or visit www.salisburyguildhall.co.uk